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The American Arena League (AAL) is a professional indoor football league that began playing in 2016.


The AAL showcases a fast-paced, exciting game to a significant number of fans in a myriad of markets. The League totals twenty teams and is expanding

Tony Zefiretto

CEO American Arena League

AAL: Past present & Future

In 2016, the Arena Pro Football League was founded by its CEO, Tony Zefiretto, and league president, Jack Bowman. Zefiretto was a coach and team executive in arena football and was a Vice President and General Manager in professional baseball. Bowman, is a long-time successful coach, GM and league executive in arena football.

Due to the startling success of the APF, at the conclusion of its inaugural season, teams from three other leagues  decided to join their ranks. That consolidation prompted the league to change its name to the American Arena League.


The two executives initially discussed the concept in 2003, when Bowman was GM of the Myrtle Beach Stingrays Arena Football team and Zefiretto served as Senior Director for the former Atlanta Braves affiliate in Myrtle Beach. These two founders were determined to create a business model similar to the one utilized in minor-league baseball. "We want to bring fun and affordable family entertainment to smaller cities,'' said Zefiretto. "Our expectation is that AAL teams are committed to their communities. and today’s youth'‘.

The AAL has quickly grown into the largest professional arena league in the United States. The league also created a division for “Affiliated Teams”.  Teams who anticipate transitioning into professional arena football.

To ensure long-term viability, the league founders enlisted a staff of high-quality individuals with years of successful experience in professional sports and within the business world to serve as a resource for owners. The league also created a branding opportunity for its members. Each team can now sell  their apparel in local Walmart stores.

There's more growth on the horizon for a league intent on expanding its sidelines throughout the United States. And Europe. The league is solid, and the future is bright - By Ira Kauffman

AAL: The Ultimate Experience

Improving the fan experience starts from the top. CEO for the AAL, Tony Zefiretto, has instilled a “fans come first” culture,  mandating everyone in the organization to deliver a superb experience. “Our goal is to put the highest quality product out there for our fans to enjoy at an affordable price”. The league understands that if their fans are happy, they will come back.


To help provide the ultimate fan experience, fans get to come onto the field at the end of each game and meet the players, get pictures and autographs. “It’s what makes us different” says Zefiretto

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