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American Arena League Sign Partnership

Updated: Dec 2, 2021


"One of Arena Footballs Top Leading Uniform Supplier"

Well it didn't take long for changes to be coming out of the American Arena League. First, the league started a new Facebook page earlier this week. CLICK HERE to like to page.

Then in what looks like an act of uniformity, has signed an agreement and partnership with Phenom Elite to provide uniforms and footballs to the teams in the league.

Via a Facebook message this is what the league has to say.....

"The NEW American Arena League is very excited about our new partnership with Phenom Elite. Phenom Elite has made a big impact in the indoor/arena football world with high quality uniforms and apparel that will give our teams a true professional look on and off the field" JAK Sports Management - Owners of the AAL

"We are excited to continue to be involved with arena football in our deal with the American Arena League. The league is in great hands with the new ownership and we look forward to growing together. Arena football veteran Ryan Vena, did a great job spearheading this effort, and we are excited to have him as our National Account Manager” -Nathan Dorton - Phenom Elite CEO

-Published by: Locked In Magazine

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