East - Carolina Predators, Charlotte Thunder, Jersey Bearcats, Mississippi Raiders, Pennsylvania Union,       

Reading Raptors & Tampa Tornadoes


Mid West - Chicago Power, Indianapolis Enforcers, Music City Fire, St Louis Bandits & West Michigan Ironmen

West - Austin Wild, El Paso Buccaneers, North Texas Bulls & San Antonio Gunslingers 


As our society moves forward, the American Arena League continues with plans for the 2021 season. Recently, some of our arenas have been selected as vaccination and testing sites which has caused adjustments to the schedule. Some teams have already found new venues while others are waiting for clarity from their local officials.

We are also anxious to announce our official schedule. We want to say, "Thank you" to our fans as we patiently wait for arenas to confirm our scheduled game dates during these unique times.


News Around the League

American Arena League CEO, Tony Zefiretto announced a partnership with one of the top 10 independently owned Sport Management Firms in the U.S.  Black Diamond PR & Sport Management Firm will add the AAL, and teams from around the nation, to its diverse roster of sport and entertainment brands. “We are extremely thrilled to announce that we are working with the AAL,” said Brandy Runyan, CEO of Black Diamond PR & Sport Management Firm. We will deliver full-scale Sport PR & management services to the league, facilitate sponsorship procurement and add our clients of former NFL players to their team rosters which are already composed of former D1 and former NFL players  ”

Teams in the American AAL provide professional football opportunities predominantly to former NFL and Division 1 players. The fast-paced nature of the AAL is dedicated to its “fans first” culture.

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